Relationship Coaching

Disability and long term illness can put a stain on many relationships. Research shows that relationships can struggle with the revised dynamics of acquired disability. You may be finding it hard to be cared for when you have traditionally split the responsibilities, or your partner might be finding it hard to understand what you are going through. Whatever situation you are in with your relationships, HiddenInMe can work with you both to find a way forward.

Following the successful self-published release of our book HiddenInMe we both wanted to offer something further. Working together as a team has always been at the core of our relationship. Trading our individual strengths when the other needs it the most has helped each of us thrive despite our individual disabilities. Being able to adapt to an ever changing environment that we all live in can - at times - pose different challenges to any relationship.

What is unique about our relationship is how we have experienced and managed life changing events individually - in the initial outset - and then came together as a couple. These complicated dynamics have strengthened our view of the world and each other because we have worked together to create something magical.

We offer relationship coaching to couples who are finding their changed world difficult to manage. Each coaching session will be held by both Simon and Becki to help you gain clarity as a couple and think differently about how you can work together on your next steps.

We offer couples sessions priced at £75. Click here to book your free 30 minute intro session

Discounts available for packages of 6 sessions or more - please contact us to explore options.