Our Story


HiddenInMe is a project from two young stroke survivors, Becki Cobb and Simon Commins.

At the age of 17, Simon collapsed with a brain haemorrhage caused by an AVM as he made his way to the gym. An otherwise healthy young man he was rushed into surgery to stop the bleed on his brain. Simon acquired cognitive disabilities and visual impairments. Speech and language difficulties - predominantly aphasia - made it difficult to speak, read and write.

Becki’s stroke was different. At the age of 21 it was caused by a blood clot reaching her brain. The clot passed through a small hole in her heart. She was left paralysed down her lefthand side, unable to stand, walk, smile or even sit up in bed.

The only way they could get through their recoveries was to set small achievable goals, from Becki taking her first step, to Simon reading a book to his younger brother, and eventually, both returning to their studies.

Becki and Simon met quite by chance and quickly bonded over their experiences. They knew they had something special and before long had started to write their self-published book ‘HiddenInMe’.

Since then they have both returned to education to become fully trained Personal and Business Coaches in the hopes that this will give them the opportunity to use their experience in a positive way.


Becki & Simon
HiddenInMe Founders