Our Vision

Step Free Route

We chose the title ‘HiddenInMe’ for the book because we felt it represented not only the hidden disabilities within us, but also the hidden strengths. Now, we want to help you to find those strengths too.

When we met in 2013, we knew there was something we wanted to do to turn our experience into something positive. We wanted to give back. We just didn’t know how. Around 6 months after we met, at around the same time we moved in together, we started to write our story. At that point we didn’t know if anything would come of it, but 3 years later we received our first delivery of our very own, self-published, paperback book.

We started to spread the word and as we did we started to receive emails from people who had been through what we had been through. An amazing thing happened, they were sharing their own stories with us. We had opened up a space for them to talk about what they had been through and we felt privileged to be in that space with them.

It was then that we learnt about personal coaching. We believed everyone should have the opportunity to overcome what they have been through and felt coaching was the next step for us to support others in doing this. We now know that as coaches we want to help people become self-empowered to take action on their future and to achieve all they had ever wanted to achieve before everything changed, and more.