In her final year of university, at the age of 21, Becki experienced a stroke which paralysed her lefthand side. She spent 5 weeks in a specialist stroke unit and has spent 100’s of hours at hospital appointment and physiotherapy sessions since.

She returned to university the following year, and graduated in 2012. When she met Simon in 2013 everything started to make sense. Together they worked hard to build a life they love, they wrote their first book ‘HiddenInMe’ and pursued their individual careers.

Becki has enjoyed a successful career at the BBC as a Talent Manager where she’s been lucky enough to support others with their career development everyday. She has a number of successful mentee’s under my belt and more recently I’ve taken up the opportunity to mentor a candidate on a Disability Mentor scheme. I’m familiar with basic british sign language, and, to add to my expertise, I’ve completed disability awareness training, continuous improvement training and by June 2019 I’ll have completed Mental Health & Wellbeing training too.